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Skimming through the world-wide web, I found a few piques of interest that tickled my fancy.

Crushed between two portals experiment

Taken from a personal favorite video of mine is this culmination of footage from the popular video game, Portal.

This puzzle game functions through the use of a tool that allows you to shoot two windows, or “portals,” connecting spaces together to progress through each puzzle stage.

Youtuber Crowbcat developed a stage that could allow for an infinite free fall reaching a constant acceleration producing progressive time-shifting, visceral effects:

[[Here is the link to the video – go go watch watch woooooooo]]

This piece creates a totally entrancing digitally made world and immediately elicits wonders of how the game functions based on pre-known understandings of physical patterns that are prevalent in our own familiar natural world. The music addition and minor editing elements also provide this video as a complete composition of art and realization of beauty in unexpected places.

Steve McCurry’s Photography

One of Steve McCurry’s most haunting photos you might already have seen (Afghan Girl).

[[Here is the link to his website – oh my so beautiful]]

Much of his photography has a manner of permitting an audience into a world entirely different from their own while remaining very much the same. His work stands as a reminder of a world forgotten miles away from home. The landscapes and humanity that live within these photos are important to me in that they remind us that the capacity of design lies more than personal touches, but of poetic embraces. It reminds us of the grand scale of the world, of family, of memory, and of the fragility that lies within the human spirit. These are pieces of evidence that make design that much more of a proposition and responsibility to the people it is composed for. 


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