influences #30 (social trends of today and how we move through what moves through us)

It may seem somewhat relative, but it seems as if the world of today is drenched in an abundance of worry, fatigue, and stress. There is no partaking of mutual understandings, but great talk of division. On this last blog post, I wanted to reveal some words of wisdom from people that I have found inspiration from my entire life. Herbie Hancock, one of the most renowned jazz pianists of our time, and Wayne Shorter provide their knowledge for the betterment of understanding how to fulfill happiness and purpose in finding our own voices.

here is their open letter.


And at last I’ll leave with a personal favorite quote of mine and notions that I will forever strive for:

Design is not making beauty, beauty emerges from selection, affinities, integration, love.” 

         – Louis Kahn


influences #29 (instrument edition)

Hang Drum

These beautiful sounding instruments sound almost like steel pans, but have a more bubbly, soothing release to them. They can be handcrafted nowadays.



This multipurpose percussion Electronic Dance Music sounding instrument allows for a multitude of string playing techniques to be played while also utilizing the breath of wind. Here is a Demonstration.


influences #28 (jacques cousteau edition)

The Tragedy of The Red Salmon – Jacques Cousteau

It’s quite wonderful to observe what has been documented in the past for our current understanding of the world. Constant speculation is necessary for the aspect of learning for new outlets of a currently changing comprehension of the world.


The Tragedy of the Red Salmon

The Aqua Lung

The Aqua Lung was a device used by the crew of Calypso, Jacque Cousteau’s ship. It allowed for easy access underwater lessening the amount of fatigue required to breathe as well as the amount of air usage.


Aqua Lung

influences #27 (cinema director edition)

Every Frame is a Painting is one of the channels I refer to online to get some good analysis on films and how they are framed. His case studies focus on a director, or techniques that make films holistic. In this segment, he talks about Satoshi Kon – whose films describe ordeals in a surrealistic fashion.


Satoshi Kon’s Editing Aspects

This next video is on the natural elegance that comes from the Russian director Andrei Tarkovsky. I mentioned his name in an earlier blog and his work is of major inspiration to me. I could never put how I feel about his work in words like this youtuber does, but it provides interesting perspective and many moments of agreement in truth.


Andrei Tarkovsky – Poetic Harmony


influences #26 (city growth and its effects)


These are shots taken in between buildings of large vertical grandiose quality.

vertical horizons


Here is an interesting article on Mexico City and its social growth. It’s always beneficial to hear perspective from a person that derives from a place. It’s also important to understand that this is one view of the city and in a growing and highly populated city such as this one, there are sub cultures and facets that will never be understood or heard. That all accounts in the beauty of a city.

Mexico City



influences #25 (animal architecture)

Weaver Birds

Weaver Birds find shelter on any man made vertical structure or any natural form of trees or branches. They use locally sourced twigs and sticks and weave together their homes.


Compass Termites

Compass Termites build their homes out of wet then dry constructed mounds. These mounds orient in the same direction (as stated in their name) which is found to be purposeful to receive solar radiation and regulate their thermal sustenance.


Animal Architecture

influences #24 (meditative practices in drawing)

Here is a video of a single brush stroke on a ceramic piece. The stillness in the hand is something worth striving for. All of this comes in practice and it’s nice to see these influences to remind ourselves to just approach every matter in stillness of seconds.

stillness in pottery

The intricacies that are displayed in this piece are as smooth as the hand that shakes not from stress. Architecture school, among many other things, may bring great amounts of anxieties which are truly displayed in how we create things.